An open letter to Imtiaz Ali

Written By Ipsa Arora 28/11/2015
Dear Imtiaz Ali sir,
Since the day I had seen the trailer of Tamasha, I was excited to watch it. One of the main reasons being that I am a die-hard fan of Ranbir Kapoor. A week before it got released, I had started to hunt for people who would accompany me for the movie. Even after a lot of mixed reviews coming from people around me, I went for the movie along with a friend.

And now, I would like to bow down in front of you for making such a masterpiece. Yes, masterpiece, it definitely is. It is honestly not the kind of movie which every mind and soul can appreciate but it is definitely one of your kinds sir. It is not like one of those masala movies with no content. It is rich, literally rich in content.
It knits a story within a story and a story within another. The movie teaches us not one but so many lessons of life which actually gives us goose bumps as the movie proceeds. I, personally could relate to each and every aspect of the movie. I am also sure that each person can relate to at least a few of them.

The movie makes us laugh, the movie makes us cry but most of all, it summarizes the life of each one of us in the two and a half hours we spend in the theatre. The movie is deep, very deep and the depth will be felt by those who are ready to drown themselves into the story.
Usually, when we return home after watching a movie, we are left with a little or no recall. But after watching Tamasha, people will go back home with certain reality checks. They will ponder on the subtleties around them.
And as for the two actors, I don’t think anybody could have done this movie better than Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. They have once again proven that they possess immense talent which they have very meticulously portrayed on the screen.
And dear readers, no, I haven’t been paid to write this story. This is my honest reaction to the movie. If you have a little nautanki in your life, life is definitely a Tamasha!
So sir, even if thousand people say that they don’t appreciate the movie, there will be hundred thousand who will say that they can’t get the story out of their heads. And I am one of them.
Warm regards and much appreciation!
Posted on 28 November 2015

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