Hazel's Closet

Written By Ipsa Arora 25/10/2015
Hazel's Closet
There is no appropriate age to become an entrepreneur. Some people spend their lives to establish themselves but some people like Aasma Pherwani make their own path in a very young age. Aasma was bored after her class 12th board examinations and had a lot of spare time besides focussing on her admissions. She thought of utilising the time in doing something constructive which would be both interesting and a nice way to pass her time.

Little did she know that this time pass would become a part of her life. From what started as a casual time pass, turned Aasma into an independent earning girl. 

She started her own venture called Hazel's closet named after her little sister. Only a few months old, the venture has seen amazing responses from her customers and have become a sense of motivation to Aasma to continue it even after she joined college. Besides managing her studies, she is busy taking orders and getting them delivered to her customers who have become a fan of her products.
Ranging from mobile phone covers to accessories to apparels to home furnishings, Aasma has a variety of products listed on her facebook and instagram page. Her customers pick up the product and contact her via whatsapp or call. Cash on delivery option is also avialable for Delhites.

Making an excellent use of the social media services, Aasma has been successful in establishing a good customer base and is continuing to do so. Not only this, she often puts up exhibitions in Hotels/Malls to display her latest collection. 
"Happiness is serving all my customers and fulfilling their needs," says Aasma.
Source: Hazel's closet Official Facebook page
Instagram username: Hazel_closet

Special thanks to Aasma Pherwani for her comments. 

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