Jugnoo Hai Na!

Written By Ratika Rana 18/04/2017
Mind you, vegetarian, non vegetarian, fast food, home cooked food, north Indian tadka or south Indian sober, you name it and it'll be there. Wait, wait...They also offer grocery, health products, baby care products, household needs, packaged food, beverages, personal care items, organic products, Patanjali items and even the feed to your pet, right at your doorstep.
Back in small towns of Punjab or the places, we the college going kids turning adults call home; living and studying in Chandigarh has always been a fad! I remember my cousin who graduated from Panjab University saying that life is expensive in the world of the "City Beautiful". I always wondered that I would be living in the hostel so not much of expenses and hence I'll be able to save up a lot of money ​by the end of my graduation. I haven't been here even for a year but I have realized what it is to stay away from home.

In the world of cabs and bikes, we seem to have forgotten the old Indian autos. Not so until the nerdy heads scratched their minds to build an organization which hires autos and rents you rides on demand. Holy Grace! What else do we people need if we can save up on conveyance and utilize that money elsewhere?

Jugnoo as the name suggests came as a small hope of light in our dark penniless nights. An application that allows you to order an auto from anywhere to anywhere in the tri-city which is Chandigarh-Panchkula-Mohali. But wait, just auto rides? Reasonable rate? Customer friendly? "What's more in the store?" A question we love asking! More so, the Punjabi blood is never satisfied unless and until we have a buffet of options, so grab your breath and hold your heart because Jugnoo offers you yummilicous meals which you can order according to your preferences.
Life, at times does seem sorted. With this one application, my college life is going on a bit economically, my seniors who work save more at the end of the day and hence, we sleep a bit better every night. Jugnoo is a free app for the Android as well as the Appstore which brings to you a million shining lights around to take you anywhere from anywhere. As you ride more, you'll be provided concession on the already so user friendly rides. So just download, sign up and Voila! You're ready to go. Enjoy riding!


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