Learn Venue: A one stop learning solution
for all engineers

Written By Ratika Rana 07/06/2017
Now the teachers at various universities refer their choice of authors, so they provide you with all the editions of all the books that have been published for your course. Easily accessible and pocket friendly!

You can grab hands at every topic under the sun, beginning from JAVA and C++ to Mechanics of material. And now, you all must have experienced the teacher's pet throwing tantrums for sharing his notes, so here is your solution for that too, your friends can share their important notes with you on the site itself and you can not only take print outs of your notebook but also the notes that they have shared with you.

The competition is growing by the minute, while new career options attract some minds; others are still consistent on experiencing the making of an engineer. Long forgotten are the days when you had to run behind teachers and tutors for clarification of your doubts, let's welcome an era of creating technologists using technology. Learn Venue believes in saving the mother-nature while putting load off your shoulders at the same time. Plus, you don't have to worry if your PC isn't working or you've forgotten your laptop somewhere, you can access your account from your smart phone as well, phew, tensions of bag packs reduced​ too.

So don't waste a minute of your precious time and log on to learnvenue.com, fill out the membership form and be a part of their growing family. We're waiting for you to rise and shine, after all!

Times are changing and so are we. While new career options pop up every other day, one thing that remains constant for a majority of Indians is that WE LOVE ENGINEERING!

There are lakhs of aspirants who appear for the JEE every year, but only a handful of them are able to make it. However, the actual game starts after the course begins- so many subjects, innumerable notes and unknown topics. Is there a solution that helps us save time and study better, well yes, they say that if one door closes, another opens.

Learn Venue is one such place that has a solution for all you budding engineers out there. They want to save the time you spend in making notes, checking out textbooks of different writers and most importantly, the time spent standing and waiting in front of the photocopy shop that you can and should utilize for productive activities.

​While reading the notes of your preferred authors, you can highlight the parts you feel are important, they would thereafter automatically be saved as your notes in your notebook for your quick revision later on. 

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