My Santa Claus

Written By Shipra 03/12/2015
The following year Sushila Aunty left job and someone else started working with us. The next year on Raksha Bandhan, early in the morning I heard the door bell ring, I went out to see who it was and it was Sushila Aunty with a rakhi and some sweets. I took the rakhi and before I could invite her in and thank her nicely, she was gone.
Every year since then, aunty sends me the rakhi through her children. It has been 15 years and no year has gone without her rakhi on Raksha Bandhan day. The whole year I don't see her, as if she vanishes in the slim air and on Raksha Bandhan day, she comes with a rakhi and some sweets, not even expecting a thank you in return. I have no way of thanking her and no way of telling her how much her gesture means to me.
She is like a Santa Claus- my Santa Claus. I guess all these years, I was waiting for my Santa in the wrong month. I always thought as a kid that someday I will help her and her family in a big way. Trust me, the day has never come and all these years she has just given, not expecting anything in return.

My mother is a working woman so we always had a domestic help at our house, unlike the other houses in the vicinity 15 years back. Sushila Aunty started working with us when I was 9 years old. Raksha bandhan, the festival of brothers and sisters, was a big deal then for a child of my age. Although I was a very happy single child but the idea of rakhi always attracted me. On the day of Rakshabandhan that year, I was talking to my mother about how I don't get to celebrate rakhi. Sushila Aunty heard our conversation.

The next day, she got a rakhi for me. I got extremely excited. I wore the rakhi whole day, even wore it to school the next day. My happiness knew no bounds and it was the most I could have asked for on Rakhi.

Story of a learner

Some people live their lives for others giving up on their choices and future plans. This story is about one such living legend who gave up on her ambitions for others but has never stopped learning!

कल्पना एवं वास्तविक्ता 

कितना सुन्दर शब्द है 'कल्पना '. इंसान वास्तविक्ता से परे कल्पना के संसार में इतना सुन्दर घर बना लेता है कि बस उसी में जीना चाहता है. उसकी आधी उम्र तो कल्पना में ही निकल जाती है. इंसान कल्पना में सब कुछ सुन्दर एवं अपनी पसंद से देखता है.
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