Mythical India

Written By Ipsa Arora 24/01/2016
Young enthusiasts Saurabh, Saumitr and Shivam invested their spare time after post graduation to delve into the heritage and beauty of Indian culture. They aspire to bring in an admiration among people for our country’s past as much as for its present. This led to the creation of which talks about rich cultures of India and and provides interesting facts about our heritage among other interesting reads. 

In a tete-a-tete with brandedgupshup, they open up about the story of Mythical India, their motivation behind starting this and much more.
When was your business started?

The idea was conceptualized during the last few months of our MBA, as we all had loads of free time in our hands. But, the real product i.e the website came into being only in June, 2015. We had been waiting to join our respective companies and thus invested our spare time to learn the nuances and technology necessary to build a website.

What was your aim/motivation behind starting this?

We have been fond of reading about India’s glorious past, its incredible culture, dance forms, languages, people, architecture etc. But, while browsing on Internet, we felt the dearth of well written, easily understandable and engaging articles on the aforementioned subjects. There were too many websites focusing on addressing current socio-political issues but nobody cared to highlight our country’s past. With this endeavor, our aim is to bring interesting nuggets of information on Indian history, culture, architecture, art, history and popular culture to the forefront. Being one of the richest cultures in world, India offers a slew of interesting facets. Our effort here is to bring those facets of Indian culture to the forefront in conversations.
Mythical India
Why the name Mythical India?

As we said above, the idea was to bring the interesting nuggets of information about India in front of the youth. As modern as we become day on day, India still is a land of diverse backgrounds,     monuments,      architecture,         knowledge, Vedas, invasions and all such things which make our country unique. There is so much to be explored and so many myths surrounding us which we wish to bring out through our platform and hence the name Mythical India.

Your personal comments.

We sincerely hope to build a community of writers and readers who are proud of Indian heritage. Hence, we would need all those budding bloggers who want to express themselves but need a medium to do so.
To join our community, please follow our facebook pagetwitter handle  (@mythical_india) and do visit our website.
You can share your comments/feedback on the content available on the website. You can also write to us at  to share the topics that you would like to read about. 
Special thanks to Shivam and Saumitr for their inputs.

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