Nil Battey Sannatta deserves a 100 battey 100

Written By Ipsa Arora 22/8/2016
An ambitious mother. An adamant and demotivated daughter. An inspiring story.

Some movies go unnoticed by the masses and little do we get to know the beauty that’s hidden in them. One such movie released in April 2016 is Nil Battey Sannatta. Nil Battey Sannatta meaning good for nothing, is a story of a Xth standard girl Apeksha who is not willing to study or work hard because she feels she will eventually become a domestic help just like her mother Chanda. She is strongly convinced by the fact that a doctor’s child becomes a doctor, an engineer’s child becomes an engineer and a maid’s child becomes a maid.  

On the other hand, her mother Chanda dreams big for her daughter. She wants her to achieve a respectable position in the society and for the same, work hard and get good grades in her Xth standard as a first step. She works in different shifts at different places doing jobs in a factory, at a local restaurant and at a doctor’s home as domestic help. She wants to save money for her daughter’s coaching so that she can study well and get good marks, at least clear her matriculation exams.
Her daughter Apeksha doesn’t like to study and hates Maths in particular. What happens next is what only a mother can do. The end credits of the movie rightfully acknowledges a mother as God’s most beautiful creation and this is what Chanda reflects in each moment of the movie. She joins Apeksha’s school as a student so that she can complete her matriculation as well as help her daughter study. 

The story shows a mother’s sacrifices, her love and her unending dreams for her daughter. Brilliant performances delivered by Swara Bhaskar as Chanda, Ria Shukla as Apeksha and Ratna Pathak as Dr. Diwan at whose house Chanda works, adds the extra icing to this delicious cake. Small roles like Apeksha’s friends Sweety and Pintu and their school principal are as brilliantly performed by the respective actors.

​The story shows the struggle of low class people with their dreams but it is as relatable to anybody else too. We all at some point become afraid of studies and forget that the best way to score is by relating what we study, with our everyday lives and by enjoying what we do. We are all afraid to dream, to step out of our cocoons and grow wings; we are surrounded by societal pressures and keep wondering what people will think about us and how will they perceive our dreams. What we need to remember and what we learn from the movie is that a person who has no dreams is poor and we should never stop dreaming!
Nil Battey Sannatta movie review

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