Sarafa Bazar- Let's explore the streets of Indore

Written By Ishita Gandhi 22/10/2017
Malpua and rabdi: This is what you call an ‘Indian pancake.’ This is a must have at Sarafa bazar after you are done with all other dishes. Just leave a little space in your stomach to have this at the end.You can also have this with rabdi to make it more savouring.

Pani-puri: Come on, who can resist pani-puri and when you have 10 flavors there is no going back. All the flavors are really amazing and mouthwatering.

Ratalu: A winter specialty of chunks of purple yam deep-fried to a uniform golden-brown and generously smothered in red chilli powder, the spicy ratalu can singe lips and warm the very being in just one bite.

Indori Shikanji: This shikanji has neither lemon nor water. Rather, it is made of milk and dry fruits with just a hint of tanginess from the matta (buttermilk). A visit to Sarafa Bazaar is not complete without having Nagori Ki Shikanji.

Poha Jalebi: The signature dish of Indore, without this every morning of an Indori is incomplete. It is also the best dish served in Sarafa Bazar and most loved.

Garadu: A yummy chaat made of deep fried yam sprinkled with chaat masala and lemon juice is a must have at Sarafa Bazaar. This is a winter street food in India.

Kulfi Falooda: A popular sweet street food in India, try the creamy slurpy kulfi falooda right at the end of the sarafa street.
This is the most celebrated landmark in Indore. Indore is known to be a synonym for ‘FOOD’ and Indore's obsession with the food is long and legendary, mostly with street food which is the most loved topic among foodies. The Sarafa Bazar brings delight to such foodies. The best part of sarafa bazaar is that it comes to life at night. Yeah, you heard it right! This place starts at around 10:00 PM when the jewellery market shuts down.

Sarafa Bazar is the only place in India which remains as a jewellery market at daytime and turns into a foodie’s paradise every single night. It is the most favorite tourist place for travelers as well as for foodies in Indore. Despite the fact that it opens at night, it attracts huge crowd every single night.

If you are in love with food then this is place has a lot to offer and a must visit. Let me tell you if you visit this place once you’ll never get over it. You’ll find amazingly mouthwatering items that might be unheard of if you are new to Madhya Pradesh. Sarafa bazar is a street filled with a continuous array of small shops which offer a variety of dishes. The street houses more than 30 food joints which sell famous street food such as chaat, bhutte ka kees, dahi vada, jalebi, falooda, gulab jamun, Chinese, South Indian, rabdi and what not.
For the shop owners in Sarafa Bazar, the business of eating is much more than a means of making money. They love food and is equally delighted to share it with others. Sarafa Bazar is the most celebrated landmark in the city of Indore. Be it for friends’ gathering, hoards of bachelors, families gathering, couples, food bloggers and sometimes even celebrities, this place is a one stop destination to cherish a variety of experiences.

So are you feeling gastronomically inclined? ‘Check-in’ to this place at least once and I bet you won’t forget it for the rest of your lives.
Explore Indore’s street food culture with this tick-off list at sarafa bazar, which will give you the taste worth experiencing-

Dahi Vada: There a place called Joshiji ke Dahi Vada in Sarafa bazar and going there for Dahi Vada is not only about the taste but also to experience the amazing way in which it is made. Here they flip the dahiwada with curd without spilling a single drop and then sprinkle 5 spices with a single finger without mixing them.
Bhutte ka kees: The melt-in-the-mouth dish made with corn and milk is a combination of both sweet and sour.