Story of a learner

Written By Shipra 05/11/2015
She studied till 11th class which was very uncommon at that time for any girl from her locality. Her schooling was stopped with a fear that she might not find a suitable boy if she studied any further. Seeing the genuine concern of her parents, she stopped studying and married the man chosen by her family at the age of 19 years. This was a lower middle class family in late 1950s. She molded herself according to the family she went into. She was married and started a nuclear family, which was again, not her kind of thing. She adapted herself according to the family she married into. She gave herself up for raising her family. She even assented to lose her voice for the best of the others. She learned and adapted to a completely new environment. Years passed and her children got married and started their respective families. In the route, she lost her husband. The life she had moulded herself in got her to a point where she had to again adapt herself to this new change. She did. She started living with her children and started to find alternate ways of life. She was now in a post 1991 world. The woman who in her early life used to spare herself some time from household chores to read novels and appreciating poetry, found herself occupied with television. Later she learned to play Sudoku. From the girl who used to read news articles from paper bags she got sweets in, she has become a woman who is extremely active on WhatsApp. She is a woman who is beyond her times. People make their own lives, but she giving up her ambitions made many other lives and in the process she didn’t compromise with her mental needs. She was and is a learner. 

She was born in the pre-independence era. She, an 8 year old girl migrated with her family as a refugee to the cold areas of Uttrakhand. The girl wanted to learn. She was ahead of her times and very different from her fellow mates. She was a carefree girl with dreams in her eyes. She was special. Her father, in spite of what the society felt, sent her daughter out of the city to continue her education after 8th class. Those times when girls were married off at the age of 14 years, she was send to stay with her uncle and complete her education.

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