Udta Punjab- But why?

Written By Ipsa Arora 23/6/2016
Nobody knew about the drug menace which is happening just few kilometres away from us in the state of Punjab, until the media started talking about the 94 cuts by the Censor Board in the movie Udta Punjab.
Never before had any director gathered the courage to work on such a topic and never before had the authorities cancelled all but one cut and passed a movie full of abuse, full of gross and full of filth. 

All the 4 actors have done full justice to their respective roles. Shahid Kapoor is the hero of the youth, with a huge fan following in the state. People not only love his songs, but love the way he lives them too. Alia Bhatt is the brave one, who with her mature acting meticulously portrays a woman who, partly by ill fate and partly by greed gets dragged into this. Diljit as the assistant inspector somewhere makes us ponder over the working of things in our society. To think of changing a system while still being inside it, is not as easy as being a mere spectator of the whole situation and wishing that things could change. Kareena Kapoor Khan is the one who is working against the system by being a doctor and by also being a concerned one for the deteriorating conditions.
The movie keeps us totally engrossed in the story as we sit in front of the screen and see how drugs are destroying the lives of thousands of people. But the question that arises is, who should we blame for this, the system which is encouraging it or the takers who are getting immersed in it? This movie is a loud shout to the people who can change the scenario and control the situation before everything goes down the drain.
When there is a hole in our shirt, we sew it with a needle; but what do we do when the complete shirt is getting tattered?  

Udta Punjab movie review
What is it in the movie that pinches us and makes us feel numb to the core? The story rightfully captures the state of affairs that are penetrating Punjab and are on their way to destroy it from its roots. The story shows desperation and despair. On one hand, it shows how people loose self control when under the influence of drugs, how this addiction completely destroy their lives; on the other hand, it shows the helplessness of people who are dragged into this maze and become a target.

कल्पना एवं वास्तविक्ता

कितना सुन्दर शब्द है 'कल्पना '. इंसान वास्तविक्ता से परे कल्पना के संसार में इतना सुन्दर घर बना लेता है कि बस उसी में जीना चाहता है. उसकी आधी उम्र तो कल्पना में ही निकल जाती है. इंसान कल्पना में सब कुछ सुन्दर एवं अपनी पसंद से देखता है.
आगे पढ़े   

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