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About Us

We started in November 2015 with the aim of helping businesses grow. is an innovative hub for services starting from establishing an identity for a budding business to creating a buzz of it around the world.​​

Every brand has a story to tell! Be it their advertisements, their marketing or even their packaging- there is a deep meaning behind each one of them! Uncovering each story teaches us a new lesson in the world of businesses and brands. Internet is the biggest marketing platform today. With its ever expanding vast reach, one cannot ignore the endless growth possibilities it brings. Scale your business to new heights with our exemplary services and out-of-the-box ideas.

Here is a glimpse of the services that we provide at Brandedgupshup:

1. Social Media Marketing- Your social media behaviour is paramount for your brand building. We help you engage your brand with your prospective audience while taking care of content and creatives for the social media platforms.

2. Influence Marketing- Bloggers are the greatest influencers today. From our pool of 300+ bloggers, we ensure that those matching your domain help spread a word about you on their platforms.

3. Content Writing- We can write compelling content for your brand or cover your story on our blog.

4. Marketing Research and Consultation- Know what your competitors are doing best and how you can improve. We can deliver to you an industry as well as a competitor analysis on factors that are important for your brand.

5. Website development- We help you get an online abode with a quirky business website!

6. Graphics Designing- We can design attractive graphics for your brand like flyers, banners, logos, etc. which will help grab eyeballs.

We can also design a customized marketing activity suited to your business model.

If you have a business, let the world know about you; if you are a writer, share your gupshup stories to get featured; if you are a reader, pick up your coffee mugs and get on the gupshup ride with us!