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Baraat- Delivering authentic cuisines from across the country in pretty tin boxes

Delicious food, great quality and mind blowing packaging makes Baraat an all rounder for me.

It all started when I chanced upon this outlet on Zomato and thought of ordering some chicken from here. The quirky name had already attracted me and then I was waiting to try their food. Lo and behold! They sent delicious Zafrani Chicken in a pretty looking tin box! Yes, you read that right. I am one person always cribbing about plastic usage. And as we can see around us, more and more people are trying to adopt sustainable means of life. And here it was! Another step towards sustainability and sheer prettiness!

Well...well...cut to, my conversation with the owner of Baraat and my admiration for their exciting business model and tasty food. For all you readers, here's presenting a tete-a-tete with the owner of Baraat.

Brandedgupshup: First of all, why the name “Baraat”?

Baraat: Basically we wanted to showcase the wide spectrum of flavors India has to offer and wanted to give people different flavors in one menu. We got our chefs specialising in North and Coastal cuisines and went on tasting and trials for 6 months before we started. Baraat came to be conceptualised as a celebration of regional foods of India, built on the Indian cloud kitchen concept for delivery and catering, and started its operations in the December of 2021.

Brandedgupshup: You have flavors of regional Indian cuisines. What made you go for such an extensive variety of dishes?

Baraat: Always felt there was a big vacuum in the dedicated & authentic regional Indian food delivery arena. We wanted to bring authentic flavours by sourcing authentic ingredients. And that’s what we did. For us it was getting a different taste to every dish and really make people get the flavours of India from one menu.

Brandedgupshup: How do you make sure that the regional cuisines are authentic?

Baraat: Our Chefs are from different regions of India and have worked extensively in the cuisine they are preparing. They understand the concept we are bringing about and have carefully structured each dish to feel it’s something special.

Brandedgupshup: You have introduced a very new concept of sending food in a tin box. How was that idea born?

Baraat: We always felt good packaging is always an investment and not an expense. We were sure plastic was not something we were going to use and also wanted something re-usable so customers always have a BARAAT memory in their house. The idea of the tin box happened by chance sitting with a friend and noticing our grandmoms using these old tin boxes for some of their stuff. We saw some mithai walas still using the same and started doing our research on how we can use it for food. No doubt it was a major task but we are very happy with the outcome.

Brandedgupshup: What is your next goal with Baraat?

Baraat: Well, Baraat is a scalable model and we plan to open few outlets in Delhi NCR before going national. We feel the food can be a fit in various cities and places and will receive the same love we have got from customers till now.

Brandedgupshup: Anything else that you would like to add?

Baraat: Being from the hospitality industry, we realize the importance of authentic food and top quality ingredients.


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