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In a tete-a-tete with the woman behind The Terrace Kitchen

In the lockdown, a lot of people have spent a lot of time trying out new recipes, from trying to make street styled momos to acing dhaabe ki dal, we have done it all. Cooking became a solution for people to while away their time at home or even to satisfy their cravings for delicious food, similar to what they always ate outside. But how does one, who otherwise has no knowledge of cooking, turn on the stove? The answer is simple. In this digital age, everything is just a click away, even a bunch of delicious recipes. Going through such amazing recipes on YouTube, one day my eyes fell on a channel named ‘The Terrace Kitchen’. I tried a few of their recipes and totally loved them. But what is the secret behind these amazing recipes? Who is the woman behind this and what tip does she have for all food lovers? Let’s find out from Priyanka Khadse, the woman behind ‘The Terrace Kitchen’.

Brandedgupshup: When did you start The Terrace Kitchen and what was your inspiration behind it?

Priyanka: My husband Abhijeet Narkhede and I started ‘The Terrace Kitchen' in September 2016. The inspiration for this channel was my love for food, cooking and Abhijeet's interest in photography.

Well, there’s a background to it. I first entered kitchen to make a paratha for my brother when I was in Class III. Our parents were not home and my brother was hungry. I tried making a plain triangular paratha and it was a success! That’s how my cooking journey began.

Brandedgupshup: Having your kitchen on the terrace is a very unique idea. How did you come up with this?

Priyanka: We wanted to make videos and at the same time did not want to keep our home kitchen occupied. However, apartments/flats do not give a lot of flexibility due to space constraints. One day when Abhijeet and I were discussing about the shoot location sitting in our terrace itself, he said, “Let’s shoot here”. I liked his idea and we decided to name our channel 'The Terrace Kitchen'. It’s a mobile setup and not a fixed kitchen.

Brandedgupshup: How do you manage your job and venture together? Do you face any difficulties?

Priyanka: It’s difficult but with the help of my mother-in-law I am able to achieve the balance. She takes care of Raahinya and manages household chores when we are shooting. I am lucky to have a mother-in-law like her who treats me nothing less than her daughters.

Brandedgupshup: During the lockdown, everybody started experimenting a lot with cooking. Once the pandemic is over and the restaurants open up, do you think people will still continue cooking at home or will this hobby go away?

Priyanka: That’s difficult to answer. I think some might continue cooking at home and some might occasionally cook at home.

Brandedgupshup: Which is the one cooking experiment which worked wonders for you? And which is one experiment which badly failed?

Priyanka: Recently we had posted a very unique No Cheese Pizza recipe on our channel which was loved by our viewers a lot. I had come up with this idea because of limited availability of ingredients due to lockdown.

My badly failed experiment was sweet potato curry which I had made when we were living in Mumbai. My husband doesn’t like sweet potatoes and he didn’t like that curry at all.

Brandedgupshup: Would you like to share any secret formula for good cooking?

Priyanka: There’s no secret formula as such. Cooking requires patience and a good understanding of the ingredients and flavours.

Brandedgupshup: Any message for people who love and follow your recipes?

Priyanka: It gives us a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when people try our recipes and share the outcomes with us. We are really thankful to everyone who supports us directly or indirectly.

Keep cooking and sharing the pictures with us. Do not forget that cooking requires patience and if you are following someone’s recipe, follow all the measurements and ingredients well.

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