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Have a Momo-licious experience with Fat Tiger Frozen Momos

One dish that I had been yearning to have from the last one year was momos. The food sector has been hit hard by the pandemic and the streets have become devoid of chaat and momo sellers. After several failed attempts at making momos at home from scratch, I recently started browsing online for frozen, ready-to-eat momos. Well yeah, I couldn’t resist my temptation to savour my favourite dish any longer!

While browsing online, I came across Fat Tiger Frozen Momos. Fat Tiger has tea shops and dimsum parlours in more than 15 cities in India including Delhi, Chandigarh, Surat, Kolkata and Dehradun. They have also recently launched frozen, ready-to-eat momos. I thought of giving these momos a try. A brand which is winning hearts in so many places with its restaurants will surely win my heart with their momos as well, I thought. So, I ordered their momos. And believe me, they have totally relieved me of the stress regarding “How to eat momos at home?”

The momos were so easy to make, were ready in just 3 minutes and were juicy and delicious. They actually felt so close to the momos available in the market and in fact, a lot more hygienic. I tried both veg and non-veg momos.

Why did I choose Fat Tiger Momos?

When browsing online, I came across several momos brands but I chose to click the “Buy Now” button on the Fat Tiger momos. The momos looked promising and I could connect with Fat Tiger’s vision of spreading happiness in their own way. Another reason like I mentioned above was the presence of so many restaurants under the Fat Tiger brand name.

Also, if you go and look at the founders’ profiles on their website, you will be impressed yet again. Here is a glimpse of the profiles of the three founders:

Sahaj Chopra- Sahaj Chopra, brother of Bollywood star Parineeti Chopra has been successfully running his family business, Chopra Automobiles and made his promising debut in the food and beverage industry with Millie’s Cookies. With Fat Tiger, Sahaj is on the plunge to take his next big step in the food sector.

Sohrab Sitaram- Sohrab Sitaram is the co-founder and director of the ever so popular Keventers. He has played his role in growing Keventers to 340+ outlets within a span of 3 years and thus, establishing it as one of the most renowned milkshake brands. He has even taken the brand to foreign countries including Dubai, Nairobi, Kathmandu with London, Singapore and Saudi Arabia on the cards. He has a career spanning 24 years and has gained an expertise in the food and beverage sector. He has also been a recipient of Best Entrepreneur Award and has also been a speaker at numerous events including TedX Talks.

Sahil Arya- Sahil Arya started his career in the finance side. Later, he switched to the franchise industry and worked as a consultant for investors. Today, he is the co-founder of Fat Tiger and manages its overall growth.

About Fat Tiger’s Frozen Momos

Fat Tiger serves MSG free and preservative free momos. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) / Ajinomoto is a flavour enhancer which is commonly found in Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meat.

The ingredients of veg momos include exotic vegetables like celery, baby corn, zucchini, Chinese cabbage and spring onions.

The non-veg momos contain double chicken as promised on the packaging.

The shelf life of the momos is 9 months from the date of manufacture and once opened, need to be kept covered in the freezer.

They have packs containing 24 pieces of frozen momos and momo chutney too.

How to make the momos?

The momos can be made in a variety of ways including by boiling, steaming, pan frying, etc. The best thing about these momos is the convenience with which these can be made and that too in a variety of avatars.


Take a steamer pot and pour water in it. Insert the momos in the pot and boil it for 3 minutes. The momos are ready!

Steaming in microwave

Place the momos in an idli maker. Oil the moulds before you do that and pour some water below the plates. Microwave for 2 minutes. The momos are ready!

PS: I find this to be the easiest and the best method of making frozen momos.

Pan Frying

Pour some oil in a non-stick pan. Place the momos and fry till the base becomes golden brown. Pour 2 table spoons of water and cover the pan with a lid. Remove the lid until the momos absorb all the water. The momos are ready!

Deep Frying

Add momos in hot oil for 2-3 minutes and deep fry. The momos are ready!

What next?

Well, what? I have equipped you with all the information regarding Fat Tiger’s momos. Now all you have to do is, hop to their website order the momos of your choice and have a momo-licious experience!

Buy Fat Tiger Frozen Momos –


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