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Rendezvous with a celebrity, mommy, entrepreneur, creator and so much more!

A mommy to two little kids, a full-time actor, writer, creator and so much more, Chhavi Mittal is a true inspiration for one and all. She started her acting career on TV more than a decade ago and in May 2015, going by the changing trends, ventured into OTT along with her husband Mohit Hussein. Mohit has had a successful stint as a film and TV director for more than 17 years and has established a name for himself in the industry over the years. Both Chhavi and Mohit founded their online channel called Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT) and took on the charge of providing us with relatable, funny and entertaining online content. We have all been avid followers of SIT and have enjoyed watching Chhavi on screen along with her co-actors including Karan Grover, Shubhangi, Pooja Gor and various others, each one of whose character has a unique flavor to it. Besides being the actor, writer and creator of various shows of SIT, Chhavi has also started another channel by the name of Being Woman with Chhavi where she talks about motherhood, challenges and euphoria of being a mother and how a woman can stay happy and healthy post motherhood. In a rendezvous with Chhavi, we find out from the super woman about her life during lockdown, SIT and lots more!

Brandedgupshup: How has the lockdown been for you?

Chhavi: The lockdown has been as exciting as it has been for everybody else. The business dropped and leisure time increased. I continued to shoot though for my existing shows and managed to start a few others for my other social media platforms. We continue to reinvent ourselves and I think that has been the most important reminder during these unusual times. As far as back-end work goes, I have always been extremely interested in that and have been heading that since the beginning.

Brandedgupshup: Shitty Ideas Trending or SIT, as we all know it, has become a sensation. What was your idea behind starting this channel? And did you expect so much love in such a short time?

Chhavi: The idea was just to do what we love. Creating content. While also learning new skills and honing the existing ones. We take great pride in the appreciation that we receive which was absolutely unexpected at such an early stage.

Brandedgupshup: There are a lot of characters in the SIT stories and all the characters must have been your and your husband’s creation. But which one character is closest to your heart and why?

Chhavi: The closest to my heart is Rishi’s character, who is my character Rohini’s husband. He is a sweet, affable, loving yet naive sort of a doting husband. An aspirational husband that every girl dreams of. It is the most entertaining to write his scenes and dialogues. Also, very close to my heart is Baby, the iconic maid. She is a mixture of all our experiences with domestic helps that we have had over the years. This is a character we can take the maximum liberties with while writing and never does the viewer feel that we went too over-the-top. The fun, the comedy, the entertainment is felt at both ends when we do stories with Baby.

Brandedgupshup: You have been quite an inspiration for a lot of new mommies through your second YouTube channel ‘Being Woman’. How does it feel to be guiding so many women from your own experiences? And what are your further plans with the channel?

Chhavi: I feel hugely responsible. Mothers are sensitive and trusting at the same time. I always take great care while choosing my words on Being Woman With Chhavi so as to send the write message based on my own personal experiences. BWWC is extremely close to my heart since it is a community of mothers that I’m building where every mother can always have a support system when in need.

Brandedgupshup: You have worked on TV as well as OTT. As an actor, what do you think is the difference between the two and which platform do you like more now?

Chhavi: I love the OTT platform since this is where I found my identity. I give voice to my expression and creativity like nowhere else on OTT. At the same time, TV made me what I am today and I have huge respect for this platform.

Brandedgupshup: Any message that you want to give to your fans?

Chhavi: Just that I appreciate the love and respect you give me always and I wish all of you the best in all your endeavors. Hoping to always inspire you to do the best you can and to take inspiration from all of you. I send you love and peace.

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