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In talks with Team Saahhil Agrawal Photography

Capturing photographs is an art! And only they can master this art who have an eye for the perfect shot. To preserve any event, a great team of photographers and videographers is necessary so that when one looks back fondly at the pictures, he/she can recollect the beautiful memories. In conversation with Saahhil of Saahhil Agrawal Photography fame, we unveil a lot of interesting facts about their journey and future plans.

Brandedgupshup: When was ‘Saahhil Agrawal Photography’ established and what was your inspiration behind it?

Saahhil: Saahhil Agrawal Photography was established in the year 2015 on a very personal note. I strongly believe that a photograph transcends beyond timelines and evokes a range of emotions. The real joy of re-living the gone-by times can only be experienced by having a priceless image. The primary source of inspiration behind it was definitely the passion to capture memories in the form of images. Having a fondness for cameras since childhood, over the period of time I realised capturing images is something which gives me immense satisfaction. The final push of taking this up professionally came from the two most important women in my life – my wife (Deblina Agrawal) and my sister (Shruti Agrawal) – all credit goes to them as they were the ones who believed I can justify my natural instinct of creating good images and this is where it all began.

Brandedgupshup: What are the various services you provide?

Saahhil: Having started on a very basic level of capturing images for friends and family, we feel overjoyed to have graduated to covering bigger occasions. We primarily provide photography and video services for portraits, events and weddings. These include family events such as birthdays, parties, private occasions, portraiture shoots such as baby shoots, family and couple shoots apart from corporate events.

Weddings are our forte and we have covered 35+ weddings in the last 2 years. We have successfully built a core team of skilled and dedicated photographers and cinematographers, who can cover a typical big-fat-Indian-wedding at the highest level, across all locations in India. Of course, we take travelling as one of the perks of our job.

Brandedgupshup: What do you like the most about being a photographer?

Saahhil: Being a photographer, it gives a lot of satisfaction and joy when the client looks back at a 2-year old picture and recalls the fond memories with a smile. Creating lifetime memories for them gives us a lot of contentment. That was the whole idea of pursuing this beautiful art in the first place. Rest apart, we love travelling to places on assignments and meeting a variety of people all over – this gives us opportunities to experience new cultures and traditions. Every single assignment is a new learning and we love to have a takeaway from it.

Brandedgupshup: What are some of the challenges you face as a photographer?

Saahhil: Although we strongly believe that no challenge is bigger than an opportunity, we do face situations where we need to make last minute adjustments. The biggest challenge is to meet client expectations within the given set of conditions - cost being the largest deciding factor at client’s end. Having said that, we do follow a stringent process of dos and don’ts, but we also like to remain flexible to ensure we have a happy client at the end of the day.

Brandedgupshup: Please share your future plans.

Saahhil: We are looking forward to expanding our team with the best of photographers and cinematographers going ahead. In the year 2019, we look forward to set up our first studio office based out of New Delhi – this is important to showcase our services to the clients in a more organised manner. Simultaneously, we have joined hands with a few event managers and wedding planners to cater to a wide range of audience and there are more to come this year.

Brandedgupshup: Anything else you would like to add?

Saahhil: We practice what we call ‘capturing moments by the heart with the impressions on the mind’. It means capturing in artistic, contemporary and photo journalistic documentary style the Emotions, Story, Gossip, Drama, Style Rhythm, Love, Ceremonies, Details, Décor and everything else that is part of any event. We have nurtured the fine sense of anticipating the valuable moments over the years, which helps us to create cherishing memories. We create beautiful visuals and shoot videos using dedicated cameras that give us the freedom to move around freely. This way we are almost invisible to the people and are able to capture purely natural moments, as unobtrusively as possible.

Location: New Delhi, India


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