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In conversation with Karan V Grover about acting, his take on OTT and lots more

Be it the suave Rohit Sippy or the naive Rishi, Karan V Grover has shown his versatility as an actor time and again. Karan started his acting career more than a decade ago and since then has done numerous roles in movies, on television as well as the digital platform. His recent show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum which aired on Star Plus received huge acclamation from fans and he was lauded for his amazing acting skills. He is currently a part of Shitty Ideas Trending’s web series The Better Half where he plays the affable and innocent Rishi. His other notable work includes Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant, Wedding Pullav and various others. In conversation with him, we find out about his life during lockdown, his take on OTT and lots more!

Brandedgupshup: What change has the lockdown brought in your life?

KVG: Well overall, it has definitely brought in a lot of change. Positively speaking, I am far more aware and hands on with the functioning of my home than I ever was. I cook which I never ever did till the lockdown. I don’t have a live-in house help so I had to clean, organize and manage inventory. I can now say that I am capable of living all by myself without any support staff.

On the other hand, I haven’t been able to see my parents, brother and my dearest friends in more that 3 months now. Plus, there is shrinkage in our work. Entertainment industry like hospitality and travel is going to take a big hit economically, and for us to get back to the full glory of the industry with live shows, award nights, TV reality, daily soaps and movies being shot like they were before the pandemic, is going to be an upstream journey.

Brandedgupshup: You have been working on television for more than a decade and recently you jumped on the bandwagon of OTT too. What do you think is the difference in content on these two platforms?

KVG: Content wise web seems a lot more experimental and flexible because it does not cater to a fixed audience palette. TV on the other hand has deeply connected and recognized its loyal audience and hence creates dramas and comedies specific to the taste buds of its viewers.

Brandedgupshup: As an actor, which platform do you prefer working for- OTT or television and why?

KVG: As an actor I don’t choose projects as per platforms or mediums, I am attracted to the content, and if I want to be a part of it and it challenges me in some form I simply do it. No over thinking there!

Brandedgupshup: You recently did a TV serial titled Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum on Star Plus which had a freshness to its storyline and subtly broke several stereotypes. How was your experience in being a part of the change?

KVG: It’s highly encouraging to know that the change we attempted is recognized by the viewers, as I say repeatedly “content makes the artist shine”, and for KHKT our creator and producer Sandiip Sikcand deserves all the accolades.

Brandedgupshup: With the OTT platforms booming, the television viewership has started to change already. What further changes can we expect in the years to come?

KVG: Content market has definitely become a lot more competitive with the OTT boom. We all have to up our skill set, invest aggressively in our scripts, make our productions more efficient, economic and most importantly engaging. In this I hope we make a lot more programming for kids, a lot more of new age animation of our Indian mythology and history.

Brandedgupshup: Who are some of your favorite actors and what is it about them that you love?

KVG: Charlie Chaplin, Jim Carrey and Steve Carrel have had a deep long-lasting impact on me. Their choice of subjects and the method to convey the most serious and significant issues is highly inspiring.

Brandedgupshup: Any message for your fans?

KVG: All we do is for you to enjoy and it’s your love that makes me the actor that I am.

Keep watching, I promise to keep you entertained.


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