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Indulge into French Crepes, Belgians Waffles and much more at Crepe-Fe

Have you ever been to a place and been mesmerised with the vibes that place gives you? Have you ever seen somebody’s venture and just by being at their workplace felt how much love they have put in to make it happen? I recently visited Crepe Fe, Pamposh Enclave and felt exactly this way! Every inch of their tiling, every bite of their food and every word on their boards reflect the warmth and extreme amount of efforts they have put in to bring all of it together. Believe me, I have never felt this way for a food outlet before. I mean, who would? It’s just a food outlet after all! But no! You have to visit them to feel me.

Coming to the facts now- they have 3 outlets in Delhi-NCR currently- Baani Square, Gurugram, Golf Course Road, Gurugram and Pamposh Enclave, Delhi. I visited the Pamposh Enclave outlet. As I entered, I could see their team busy at work making delectable dishes. The first thing that struck me was “India’s most transparent food brand” written in bold on their light boards and their menu cards. “Why do you say that it is the most transparent brand?” I asked them. “Have you been to an outlet before where you can see every single thing happening in their kitchen?” Shefali, Sous Chef at Crepe Fe said with a smile. I observed. The kitchen was not a separate section in the outlet but it was a part of the outlet. The entire team was wearing gloves and head net and hygiene was the top priority for them. They welcomed me into the kitchen after giving me a head net too and I could look at all the deliciousness being prepared.

They have a refined selection of savouries and desserts from around the world. From French Crepes to Belgian Waffles to Italian Gelato and New York Bagels, everything is prepared with perfection. They have a dine-in place which has a view to the road outside. I was really impressed looking at bottles of hand sanitizer kept on every table. Their plating and packaging is supreme, to say the least. They say they are really proud of their packaging and they surely should be. The first time I tried Crepe Fe, I had ordered something at home and the packaging gave me such a nice first impression that I wanted to go visit them.

In their dine-in area, they have put light boards, each of which says a story about their mission, their idea, their social responsibility and so much more. Under their social initiative, they work around the city to fill potholes which helps reduce traffic congestion and aids in reducing so many accidents. They have even listed a comparison between ice creams and gelatos in their outlet which actually gave me so much information on gelatos.

Crepe Fe’s core principles are-

  • Achhai (Goodness)

  • Sachai (Truthfulness)

  • Safai (Cleanliness)

And after visiting them, meeting their team and savouring their dishes, I can vouch for the fact that they stand by each one of them. So when are you planning a trip to Crepe Fe?

Crepe Fe

A-3. Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi

Check them out on: Zomato, Facebook, Instagram


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